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Security Testing

Software Application & Data Security Testing

  • Industry-leading firewalls
  • Customized security solutions to fit your needs
  • Optimized software and hardware security
  • Security for all your devices and storage clouds
  • SOC2/HIPPA redundant environment
Strong, reliable data security is our highest priority, and it should be one of yours as well. We provide comprehensive, thorough security testing to identify any potential gaps in coverage.

Without it, your business and your customers are at serious risk of fraud and malware, and the effects of such cybercrimes and ransomware can be absolutely devastating. Our goal is to protect you from any entities or thieves who try to virtually break into your business.

Sensitive information is in your hands and stored within multiple technological devices. One clever cyberthief can take down everything you’ve worked so hard for in an instant.

If cybercrimes have been known to devastate large companies, there’s no telling what it could do to a small- or medium-sized business. In fact, SMBs are targeted daily, although the general public doesn’t hear about it as often.

Knowing the risks involved, we implement our software solutions with the highest level of security possible without impacting performance. We also complete extensive security testing.

Our goal is to ensure your medical practice or financial, logistics, or warehousing business does not become another virtual crime statistic.

The truth is this: It’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked. It’s a matter of when.

If you have the strongest security by working with Clarity Software, when those challenges do come, your system will be ready for them.