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Application Testing

Application Testing Capabilities

  • Vulnerability testing
  • Qualys quality for scanning
  • Password protection
  • Captcha integration
  • Custom coding for enhanced security
Application testing is among the most critical services we perform. In addition to developing and implementing testing products, we also test them in every way we can to ensure they function properly and are protected against cyberthreats.

Our processes include security scanning of custom applications in order to find holes in the applications. We then write code to close those holes to create a more seamless, agile product.
We also focus on creating and enhancing application security for standard and custom applications. Many people believe that software security begins and ends with passwords and maybe a captcha, but those are only two small pieces of the puzzle.

In addition to the standard security, we also perform vulnerability testing to determine how hackers might expose data. In other words, we do it first in order to stop them in their tracks. We use industry-leading Qualys for scanning, so you can rest assured that your applications and software are as secure as can be.