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System Process Monitoring

System Process Monitoring Capabilities

  • Application Health
  • Application Performance
  • Service Health
  • Up/Down time
  • Error Logging / Alerts
  • Load simulation
Having your technology function as it should is paramount to your success in many ways. Our system process monitoring involves automatic identification of errors at every level and correcting them to get you back to business as soon as possible.

We monitor the health of applications in the front end, middle service layers, and back end, ensuring that your system is firing on all cylinders.

In the event that your site goes down or you experience an error, we’ll be there to not only repair the problem but also identify the source and resolve the underlying issue.

Through software tools, we constantly monitor your system health. This system process monitoring begins before your applications are installed and then operates continuously indefinitely.

As IT professionals, we always think one step ahead. We complete test-driven development before coding the software. We test the code and code the test, and we always have our tests in place and ready to go. As we are developing and deploying software, we also perform load simulation to ensure the tool can handle a certain volume of traffic and simultaneous use.

Whether it’s in relation to the physical hardware, software, or backend services, we integrate all of these factors into an alerting system that we build ourselves from scratch. The system notifies us when software or services are up or down, allowing us to make the repairs as seamlessly as possible.