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Cloud Planning Steps

  • Multi-cloud strategy development
  • Workload and capability analysis
  • Develop multi-year plan for cloud maturity
  • Establish management processes
  • Create tooling strategy to fulfill needs while minimizing redundancies and unnecessary tools
  • Evaluate multi-cloud SaaS integration requirements

When many people hear the word “cloud” in a technological sense, they think of simply saving their important documents in a manner where they won’t lose them if their devices are lost or damaged. That is true, but it’s only a small percentage of the big picture. Cloud planning involves detailed architectural planning and development, being able to provide backup services for the cloud, and identifying how many workers and how many pieces of equipment must be incorporated in the system.

Cloud planning is especially important for those who host their own applications. Clarity Software will build the migration plan for the business to get them in the cloud. We also analyze and deploy applications to get them cloud-ready.

In other words, it’s a complex system that requires intricate knowledge that only a software development team with exceptional expertise can provide.